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Hi, do you remember our game “Knock Knock - Traveling Soulsman“ from the Ludum Dare 44 ?

It’s time for the sequel “Through Hell - Traveling Soulsman 2“!

In this game, you play Dave Hill again. After having collected the souls of many mortals, it is time for him to bring all these poor souls to the depths of the circles of hell. Fight the damned with business cards and don’t leave the soul you are escorting for too long or you’ll lost it, the soul be claimed by Heaven. But beware, hell is dark and you will need to use your light sparingly.

Controls :

  • Use WASD to move Dave
  • Use E to interact
  • Mouse Left click to launch business card (weapon)
  • Mouse Right button hold to light

The Team :

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Published 12 days ago
AuthorAngry Squirrels
LinksLudum Dare


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I featured your game in my video! Take a look!


Thank you for playing, hope you enjoyed the game.