Wow! Hey guys and girls!

We are glad to introduce you to Noruberuto and Bikutoru.

A nice and happy couple, living a normal life in a normal town.

Help Noruberuto to make his way to work, he really needs it.

And try not to get too much in trouble : you have a husband who worries about you EVERY DAY.

Try not to lose too much money and not to flatten to much people while going to work.

Controls : smash Left and Right arrows to control Noruberuto in the street(s).

Follow the instructions when needed.

The team :


The one who can write



This one can write and play the music, almost at the same time



This one loves zidane (and makelele too)


This one has left the party before the end


This one is laughing too hard for normal people


That one knows the moves


Published Apr 25, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorAngry Squirrels
TagsColorful, Comedy, ldjam, Ludum Dare 38
LinksLudum Dare

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