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Mwah love it

brill game and knows what 5 person need.. frog kid need chef. bird lady need money(riches) ,goth girl need peace, pirate lady needed love. and tired yawning girl needed musician. and then you see good ending.. i like when the rock struggling to push his belonging to the exit.. and loved that game... more knock knock games please.. thanks

bravo to you. angry squirrel.. bravo..

Really fun game!! Smashing windows, passing judgement on rando's and keep annoying them until they give you their soul...yup, this is exactly what doing door to door was like 😅

Keep up the great work everyone!!


hitboxes could be better 😥




Takes too long to get back to the gameplay after a failure.

thanks for your feedback, this will be fixed in the upcomming update along with other bugfixes.


With all these delightful characters, writing, and art assets you were so close to making the perfect game jam game that it's a shame! But until I'm able to give the the girl in the naruto tank top the contract for being hokage what's the point!!!!  :P

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Thank you for your feedback :)

We're working on a post jam update and this wish won't be useless anymore :)


Thanks for making this! It's very cute

Thank you ! We're glad you liked it !


Love the concept, its a really funny little quirky style.

Theres just few things that need a little polish,

Restarting the game and getting to where you start the gameplay results in a blue screen with the cursor.

The hit boxes need a little work, they seem to be just slightly off. Im talking like maybe a few inches or so off. Especially in the briefcase area, it can make it really challenging to select the right contract.

Other then that it was a funny experience, I wish there was a little more in terms of gameplay simply because I love the interactions with each character. Keep up the great work!


Thank you for your nice feedback !

We're planning an update soon with everything you mentionned :)
And some character we hadn't time to finish during the jam.

We will release this update once the jam we submitted this game to is over.

Restarting the game and getting to where you start the gameplay still results in a blue screen with the cursor. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that. 


Whenever i try to restart the game my cursor disappears when i go on the game, why?

It's a bug we will fix soon !

Thanks !

Hey guys is there a offline version of this game. I saw the gameplay in youtube I sm Quite excited about this game.

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Hello, thank you very much ! 

We're planning an update soon and will realease it as a windows standalone


Quite a good game! I love the premise and I think the main character is quite cute. There are some small issues with it, though.

  • Sometimes you can't select things on the paper. 
  • Selecting something on the paper can interact with the backround still.
  • The grammar/spelling is a bit incorrect in some places. (It's quite minor though, nothing that makes the game impossible or anything.)
  • When talking to the frog kid I selected something like "do you have any hobbies?" and the frog thought I asked about money - hit detection may be a little off. 

Other than that, quite good! I'd love to see this become a full game if that's something you're pursuing! Though if I may suggest this - perhaps a way to skip the cutscenes? And if you uploaded a download for it, I'd download it in a hot second!


Hello, thank you very much for your feedback !
We're planning a little bugfixing and comfort (skipable cutscene) update soon !

Same with the frog


Sometimes the hand gets focused on the background and it's impossible to click on the paper with the answers, besides this the game is perfect and I really enjoyed it! ^^


Thank you for your feedback. We'll check that bug. Glad you likef it anyway !

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I absolutely loved this game! The designs were great and it was an interesting story, and the music was fantastic! I know it was for the Ludum Dare 44 but I hope this see's a full production because it's pretty solid. Here is gameplay footage of the game from my Indie Game Showcase.

Keep up the good work

Hello, thank you for your nice review, we're glad you liked it !
We're still looking for our next project, so maybe we'll continue it.


Your game is so funny ! Amazing work !

Thank you very much !


I really want to listen to the theme song in the game on replay. It's just too dang amazing


Haha, we will transmit your kind message to @illustrason who made all the musics, thank you very much !