Here is our LD34 submission , "Barber Chop" !
The theme was a tie between "growing" and "two buttons controls", so we made a beard grooming rythm game :) .
You have to cut your client's beard in rythm with the music!

To do so, you have two keys : X and C , or LEFT arrow and RIGHT arrow.
Press those keys when the left and right circle reach the dashed line.

If you experience any latency between the game and the music, please refresh the page.
This should solve most of synchronisation problem.

Have fun!

Credits :
Art : @julienlelievre
Music : @Ynck_33
Code : @thomas_baudon

Updated 12 days ago
AuthorAngry Squirrels
Made withOpenFL
Tagsbarber, beard, chop, Ludum Dare 34, Music
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